GTA 5 XBox One

GTA 5 XBox One


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The release date is confirmed – or is it?
This is what we have been waiting for: With its December Issue, the American magazine Game Informer publishes exclusive news about Grand Theft Auto 5. The new game edition is being released in Spring 2013 for XBox 360 and for Playstation 3. But then came the shock!

Rockstar games announced that the release date of GTA 5 for Xbox and PS3 is been moved to September the 17th. Just like that. But this should be the final release date for Grand Theft Auto V – according to Rockstar…

Here is a compilation of the most interesting features of GTA V.

More than one main character
Unlike before, instead of one main character there will be three. Outside a mission, the player can jump just as he likes back and forth between those characters, abridging travel times. Moreover, missions can be started with all three characters at a time. Switching between them, the player may influence the entire game immediately.

The main characters in detail
The Characters are Trevor, Franklin and Michael. Michael is a former bank robber currently under the FBI witness protection program. Being married with two children and under financial constraints, Michael is forced to commence his criminal career. Trevor is a bald, white war veteran in his early forties living in Blain County in the desert.

Traumatised by his war experiences, he is a psychopath which makes him unpredictable. He is an experienced pilot and eager to engage in criminal deals. Franklin is an ambitious crook in his mid-twenties who in the demo version straggles with a 9F through Los Santos. He works as a brutal debt collector for an Armenian luxury car dealer. Read more about SmartDNS for Xbox 360.

Non of the GTA 5 characters has a love relationship, but each his individual character, friends and hobbies. As the player plays with one of them, the others may pursue their own interests, giving the action surprising twists. When switching between the characters, the camera pans and zooms into the sky and then to the position of the chosen character. Rockstar hopes that with different characters and changing perspectives the player gains more diverse and deeper insights into the world of Los Santos. And it will be even more amazing as GTA5PC – with high res textures and lots of new features.

Oh, what is this pretty woman doing there?

The City of GTA 5 Xbox 360
Los Santos is bigger than the game worlds of GTA IV, GTA: San Andreas and Red Dead Redemption together. It includes wilderness/desert, military terrain and underwater explorations. Instead of tattoos or gyms it contains mini games such as yoga, triathlon, jet skiing, base jumping, tennis, and even a golf course. Furthermore, there is some interesting in-game content. Bank robberies will play a crucial role in the missions. Nonetheless, a multi-faceted mission profile is value placed so that players can be looking forward to some surprises. As in Red Dead Redemption there will be a dynamic random mission principle in side missions. Nothing is known yet about the missions, except they include climbing tasks at one mission point.

The control of the cars in GTA 5 Xbox 360 should be less heavy and more oriented to racing games. There will also be BMX, mountain bikes, road bikes, dirt bikes and others. The player follows his character from a camera angle slightly offset behind the figure. The handling of shooting and melee was also improved. Especially in melee the qualities of a character depend on the resources at his disposal. Thus the melees devour less of the action time.

GTA 5 XBox 360 Screenshots
Check out these great screenshots showing some parts of the virtual city Los Santos in Grand Theft Auto 5.

The Grand Theft Auto 5 trailer is yet to be released. Most financial analysts have said that the game will drop next year, not end of this year as they had said before. The argument for the delay is that Rockstar Games want to avoid clashing with other major franchises.

The Grand Theft Auto 5 Trailer 2

The GTA 5 Xbox 360 Trailer 1

GTA 5 takes place in a town called Los Santos. When you watch the trailer, you will recognize that this fictious city is based on Los Angeles. The trailer promises many cool features and great graphic design. There will be hot chicks, fast cars and there will be a comeback of bicycles aswell!

GTA 5 for XBox 360 & other platforms
GTA 5 can be used with several platforms: PC, PlayStation 3 and the XBox 360. The only thing that goes different for the XBox 360 is the fact, that GTA 5 will be stored on multiple discs for this platform since it hasn’t got a Blu Ray drive (remember: Blu Ray Discs have much more space to work with, GTA 5 will be very big in terms of Gigabytes).

Through the permit of Microsoft, owners will be able to install games to the consoles hard drive though. This will help in reducing the noise coming from the discs and the switching of discs when playing. It is also a good way of reducing chances of wear and tear. Some other games have been shipped with multiple discs in the past, too. There are two discs: There is a game disc which you can use when you play. Then there is also another separate disc. This is called the content disc. It installs details in the hard drive. This is a way of reducing the limitations of conventional DVDs. It does not involve processes of swapping.

GTA 5 with Multiplayer on the XBox 360 Live Network
GTA 4 was the first to go at multiplayer. There was no server browser, it had game modes that were ripe for griefing. GTA 5 will have a much better multiplayer mode. It will detonate all the challenges into free for all shoot-ups. If the network is blocked in your country, you can use a VPN on your Xbox 360 to unblock it.